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Moon Phase Wall Hanging

Hey everyone, Happy New Year! So to start off 2020 I'd like to introduce you to my blog, this is going to become a place where I post patterns and ideas as well as share bits and piece of my life, like a crafty diary of sorts. After last year it became apparent that with my somewhat unsteady and hectic life, a full tutorial style video every week was getting on top of me. (I just didn't have time for anything else) I want 2020 to be a year that I can enjoy with family, as well as crafting and sharing my life and all my ideas with you. (I was starting to not enjoy the process and I don't want that to happen!) So to compromise there will still be a video every week! Sometimes they will be tutorials and others will just be a sit down and talk style video where I might share my monthly favourites or talk about projects I've been working on. I will share the patterns for those projects here! So you can still make along with me if you want to. That brings me onto the true

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